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The joy of floral workshops all year round

Flower workshops are such a treat for so many reasons, whether it be just pure indulgence in flowers and nature, learning a skill you’ve always fancied mastering, or treating someone you love or a hard working team.

Spreading the flowery love

One of the favourite things about what we do is sharing our love of flowers with others Most people that come to workshops already have a passion for all things floral, but often they find new found delights in flowers they haven’t come across before and meeting other like minded people.

This year we are planning to run more shorter and cheaper workshops to allow these experiences to be more accessible to people with a passion for flowers but who don’t have the time or money to attend the half or full day workshops.

Enjoying nature and mindfulness

“ A few hours with your mind engrossed in the things you love and forgetting about everything else is so good for your soul”.

At the end of the workshops people often comment that the time and their worries have disappearing as they are so focused on what they are doing and where they are. We try to run workshops in settings which are beautiful and peaceful and not somewhere you would normally go, whether this would be a rural flower farm and country house and estate. We try to avoid places like village halls or venues that don’t have much soul, the setting forms a big part of the experience of our workshops and the feeling of getting away from normal routines and places.

Learn a new skill and building confidence

A lot of people enjoy looking at flowers but lack the confidence to actually arrange them so will often either avoid arranging them or just plop them in a vase. The workshops take people through step by step processes of making different flowery designs and we discuss what flowers work well for different arrangements, how and when to cut and condition and how to care your flowers too.

Some people that come on the workshops have been bought it as a gift or dragged along by friends, and they often start the workshop by proclaiming that their arrangement “won’t be any good” or they “aren’t very creative”. The most satisfying part of the workshops if often the end when you see people smiling and proud of what they have created and enthused about what they have in their garden and create when they get home.

Treat your team

Workshops are also great team building events or reward at the end of a productive quarter or year. At Christmas we get lots of work Christmas parties booking in and combining a workshop with lunch afterwards, but they can also be beneficial at others times of the year. A half day break at a flower farm in the summer is a perfect destress and relaxing treat for a team that have worked really hard. If you fancy a corporate team building treat then please do get in touch, you can come to use or we can come to you and use your space too.


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