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Tribute Flowers

We will work with you to develop a tribute for your loved one that is personal and unique to them. There are lots of ways to make the flowers individual, including incorporating favourite flowers, scents or colours (including flowers from your/their garden). 

You can also incorporate a person’s interests or hobbies through aspects of the design made personal (for example, fishing wire for a man that loved fishing, or sparkles for a lady that loved to shine).

Prices range from £30 for a small posit up to £300 for a large full casket topper. Have a look below at the options to help decide what flower are right for you. 

What flowers would you like?

Casket/coffin tribute

Close family will often choose a floral arrangement for the top of a coffin. This tends to be the main focal point in the hearse and ceremony.


Single Flowers

We can provide single stems of flowers, or small posies that can be laid with the coffin.

From £1 a stem dependent on flowers.

Friends tributes

If you would like to show your respect to a family or for a friend we can design a small posie or arrangement suitable.

Family Tributes

Alongside the main flowers other close family members also like to show their respect with a range of flowers.

Eco friendly/Green Burial

We specialise in making designs that are eco-friendly  and suitable for natural burial site using no foam, plastic or pins.The designs can be left to natural decompose on the site. Have a look at our gallery and prices for suitable options.

Sympathy bouquets

We can deliver a bouquet to let someone know you are tihinking of them in a difficult time. Bouquets start from £25 to £50 and can be delivered locally.

What next?

We want the process to be as simple and easy for you as possible, so are happy to meet you at a convenient place to discuss options for flowers or develop a proposal from information given on the phone or email. We can even offer a service where you can visit a local flower farm to pick the flowers for the tribute.We will deliver directly to the funeral home, memorial or family home.

Please get in contact to order something special by giving us a call on 07846 419732  to discuss your requirements, or send us an email to .
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