Christmas Workshops

(No previous experience needed and everything you need will be provided)

Christmas is our favourite time of year so we want to make sure that all our workshops are fun and festive and that everyone leaves with something that they are proud of and makes them smile everyday when they come home to it. 


For the base of the arrangements we use locally grown green spruce and Norwegian silver spruce, then we also provide a mix of other foliages to complement these including a range of types of eucalyptus, pine, oak leaves, pittosporum , cotton, birch twigs, pussy willow, thistle, sprayed foliage, plus traditional ivy, conifer and holly.   


We also will provide a wide range of accessories, including traditional decorations (such as pine cones, oranges, cinnamon and robins), some more unusual natural decorations (such as lotus seed heads, old mans beard and wooden decorations) and then more modern and sparkly accessories in a range of colours (including a wider range of baubles, stars and lights).

We don’t limit the amount of foliage or accessories you can use and truly encourage a creative and expressive display which ensures that everybody finally design is completely different and personal to them. 












We offer a number of different formats of workshops that offer something that will suit everybody. 


  1. Large group workshops- These workshops are a lot of fun and great to come with a group of friends, they are help in exclusive pub setting and can have between 15 and 25 people on them. There is always plenty of support with an experienced helper allocated to every 8 people.

  2. Smaller group workshops with up to 12 people.

  3. Private group workshops- if you can get up to 6 people together and we can find a date that suits everyone then we may bee able to offer you an exclusive workshop. 


All the workshop will last  around 2 and half hours and include festive refreshments and nibbles.

More details on the workshops are detailed below.  To find out more or book a place please click on the 'Book a place' button and send us an email with the date you are interested in and we will  reply with booking and payment information.


Luxury Traditional Christmas Wreath Workshops

Eco Friendly Christmas Wreath Workshop

wreath workshop girls.jpg

These workshops teach the traditional and most common method of making Christmas wreaths using a  copper ring  with moss bound on with wire to create the base of the wreath. Then stems are wired onto the ring in sections to create a full circle, accessories are then attached with wire and finally the back of the wreath is covered in a protective plastic. ( Eco materials will also be available if you would rather use this method)

What makes these workshops luxury is the full range of foliage, flowers and accessories that we have on offer. You aren't limited or given the same things as everyone else , but can choose from a wide range of high quality foliage and accessories.


These workshops teach a method of making Christmas wreaths where the base is completely compostable. A willow range base is covered with moss and then bound on with twine to create the base of the wreath. Then stems are secured onto the ring with twine in sections to create a full circle. A range of accessories will also be available with the  majority being natural , however there will be a few sparkly bits that can be removed early and reused the following year. 

You aren't limited or given the same things as everyone else , but can choose from a wide range of high quality foliage and accessories.

Family Friendly Christmas Wreath Workshop


These workshops will teach the same methods for adult workshops but the venue and table arrangements will allow room for a child or young person to  attend and work alongside an adult to make a wreath together.

There will also be a more fun and sparkly range of accessories provided.

All other day time workshops would be able to accommodate a limited number of babies and children with advance warning.  Children aged 8+ may be able to make a wreath on their own alongside another adult, dependent on their attention span! Please call us to discuss further

Christmas Table Decoration Workshop


These workshops teach a technique using floral foam as a  base. A range of foliages are built up in layers to create a base for the arrangements and then fresh flower, accessories and candles will finish of the festive display.

We will set our dates for workshops for 2022 shortly for - all of the wreath making workshops will be family friendly and offer an eco alternative option.   Please click on the link below to register your interest for when the dates are released.