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You're planning a wedding.. what is next?

When planning a wedding we know there are many things to think about and co-ordinate. We aim to make choosing your wedding flowers a fun and informative experience and we look forward to guiding you through it. We can make choices easier, designs personalised and the final product a perfect accompaniment to your big day.



Call or email us 


It doesn't matter whether it is 2 weeks or 2 years away! Let us know the basic details of your wedding :

1. Date of your wedding (so we can let you know what flowers are in season and check that we are free)

2. Where you are getting married (venue style, church or civil ceremony and location)

3. What flowers/arrangements you would like (i.e.bouquets, buttonholes, church flowers, table decorations, gifts).


Meet up 

We will arrange to meet up to discuss ideas and explore possibilities.

1. Bring with you any pictures of flowers that you have seen in magazines, or photos and scrapbook ideas.

2. Have a look at pictures of our work to see if there are any flowers/designs you particularly like.

3. We'll discuss and develop an initial concept for the flowers matching them to aspects of the day i.e.

    bridesmaid dresses, colours or themes.

These stages can be carried out on the phone and via email if we are unable to meet.




Initial proposal and quote prepared

We will use our discussions to prepare a written proposal, including suggested flowers, pictures of similar designs and pricing for different options

Wholesale Visit

If you would like we can arrange to visit local flower markets/wholesalers to view different types and colours of flowers and a range of accessories. This can help to clarify your ideas and narrow your final flower choices. This can be done up to a year before the big day so that you can see the flowers that would be in season the following year or just a few weeks before to make final decisions on the designs.

Conceptual designs

Conceptual or practice designs can be developed to give you an indication of colours or help you choose between designs

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